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Verbal Insurrection

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~Coming up in the next hour on ‘Verbal Insurrection’ Angela and I have another notebook Full of notes for the show that we’re going to try and squeeze in!

So much has happened- Scalia passed, sadly, and lands us in a situation that many were terrified of from the start with the possibility of the Supreme Court becoming majority activist instead of Constitutionally grounded. Il Popo is in Mexico mouthing off… his former piety and humility seems to have taken a back seat to the influence he seems to have realized he might have and try to exert… he’s becoming a bit judgmental, if you ask me. A Canadian has extended an offer to U.S. citizens that looks to be interesting, and rest assured that people have Not stopped doing stupid things.

We’ll also delve into the media’s narrative a little and how it dictates how and what we think- coming up next on Verbal Insurrection!

18 February, 2016

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Sorry, Girls Just Have to Deal With Being Assaulted for the Sake of Trans People

Feb. 18, 2016 1:11pm

Matt Walsh

Dispatch from the Inevitable File out of Seattle: A man undressed in the women’s locker room of a local pool. Actually, he entered the locker room on numerous occasions, once while young girls were getting changed.

Under normal circumstances, the police would be called and the intrusive creep would be arrested. However, Washington state just passed a law requiring that all public facilities allow patrons to use the bathrooms and locker rooms matching their “gender identity.” Most media outlets are reporting — based only on assumption and nothing else — the guy was “protesting” the transgender bathroom policies. I’m not sure if that was the case, but whatever his reasons, law enforcement and the facility’s managers had their hands tied.

Who’s to say he wasn’t “transgender”? Who’s to say he didn’t “identify” as a woman in that moment? And whether he was “transgender” or not, considering “transgender” is a mental illness, what is the difference between a woman being forced to share a bathroom with a man who thinks he’s a man versus being forced to share it with a man who thinks he’s a woman? Either way, it’s still a man. And this man has very conveniently demonstrated that fact.

Image source: KING-TV

As the sane members of society have been warning for a while now, when you allow men to invade the privacy of women, you end up in a situation where men invade the privacy of women. When you permit men to walk into the women’s bathroom, the result is — shockingly — men walking into the women’s bathroom. Washington is one of the first to enact one of these patently psychotic, utterly preposterous “transgender” bathroom laws statewide (by the way, the law wasn’t passed through the state legislature, it was simply decreed by the bureaucratic Marxists on Washington’s Human Rights Commission).  And it took only a few weeks for the progressive initiative to potentially endanger children. Imagine what it can achieve in a year!

Some may consider this incident hilarious, and although I’m sympathetic to that perspective, and I do enjoy when liberal ideas are exposed as fantastically idiotic, I can’t really laugh about it while women and small kids are involved. But funny or not, it has served to highlight two particular elements to the progressive war on gender. Keep in mind as we proceed that I am not making any of this up. The quotes I share are 100 percent authentic. All of this madness is actually occurring, I promise you, in the real world.

Now, here are two things we’ve learned:

Progressives Erase Lines and Don’t Know Where to Redraw Them

Back in the old days, it was relatively easy to tell if a man was a man because if he was a man then he was a man. You could ask yourself, “Gee, I wonder if that man is a man?” And you’d realize you answered your own question. In similar fashion, you didn’t know everything about a woman just by the fact that she was a woman, but you at least knew she was a woman, which meant she was a woman. If a man was a man, then he was a man; and if a woman was a woman, then she was a woman. It made sense, I thought.

We had our lines drawn. A thing was what it was, and once you knew what it was, you could easily distinguish it from what it wasn’t. None of this was confusing until progressives got involved. Progressives have always been that boring stoner kid in your 10th-grade philosophy class who asks insufferably stupid questions that he thinks are profound. “Yeah, man, but what if a thing, like, isn’t what it is, or is what it isn’t, you know?” Those kids always annoyed me. Little did I know I was entering a world run by them.

Now the lines have been erased, just as progressives erased them with marriage and just as they erased them in many other areas, including the womb. These days, you can’t identify someone by who they are but by who they think they are or want to be.

No longer do we declare with confidence “I am.” Instead we say, “I identify as.” What we identify as has taken the place of what we are, and in the process, all form of identity — every line of delineation and distinction that defines us — has disintegrated.

Image source: KING-TV

But the problem with erasing a line is you’ll soon discover — usually the hard way — that it was there for a reason. GK Chesterton warned that a society should never take a wall down until it knows the reason it was put up. A progressive is someone who demolishes the wall just for the sake of it and then hurriedly tries to re-erect it somewhere down the road when the rabid dog it was fencing in starts to eat his face.

So, back to Seattle. A few money quotes from the local news report on the locker room incident. First, I really enjoyed this one from a woman who witnessed the man intruding in the women’s locker room:

“Really bizarre,” MaryAnne Sato said. ”I can’t imagine why they would want to do that anyway!”

Ms. Sato “can’t imagine” why a man would want to go into a place where women are taking off their clothes. “Bizarre,” she calls it. Yes, it is quite the mystery. What could a man find appealing about naked women? Hmm.

According to the article, David Takami, Seattle Parks spokesman, says they’re working on preventing similar occurrences in the future:

Right now, there’s no specific protocol for how someone should demonstrate their gender in order to access a bathroom. OMG!!! Seriously? No Protocol? How about IF THEY HAVE A PENIS!?!?!?!?!?! Employees just rely on verbal identification or physical appearance, and this man offered neither.

Takami explains further:

“This didn’t seem like a transgender issue to staff — someone who was ‘identifying’ as a woman,” Takami wrote in a statement to KING 5. “We have guidelines that allow transgender individuals to use restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. We want everyone to feel comfortable in our facilities.”

Ms. Sato chimes in with this:

“Either identify yourself as a transgender or you’re not and you’re just taking advantage of a loophole,” Who didn’t see this coming?!?! MaryAnn Sato, who uses the locker room a few times a week, told KING-5 TV.

Again, if there weren’t innocent women and kids endangered by this madness, you’d have to laugh. A “loophole”? No, ma’am, that fellow was not taking advantage of a loophole. The law is specifically designed to allow men in the women’s locker room. Yes, they may intend only for men who “identify as women” to enter, but whatever he “identifies as,” his actual identity has not changed. The law is made to protect the “right” of a penis-bearing individual to enter a room where vagina-bearing individuals are naked. That is literally the entire point of it. This man did not discover a bug; he simply took advantage of a feature.

But what’s incredible, although not surprising, is that the very people intent on destroying gender norms are now in the position of having to construct new ones. Washington state must come up with “protocols” describing “how a person should demonstrate their gender.” The easiest identification protocol is the one we all subscribed to until progressives decided we must restructure our entire society to cater to the mentally ill: that is, you “demonstrate your gender” by simply being whatever gender you are. If that’s out of the question, we’re forced to devise rules for how a person must demonstrate the gender they want to be or thinkthey are. Ironically, whatever system these fools devise, it will inevitably be more limiting than the original one.

Image source: KING-TV

They were convinced this man didn’t “indentify as” a woman because he looked like a man and wore board shorts. So what? Are we saying a man who “identifies as a woman” has to dress like one? But what does it mean to dress like one? I thought progressives just spent 40 damned years telling us there’s no such thing as “dressing like a woman”? Now we’re going back to that in order to accommodate the desires of homosexual cross-dressers? Not only must progressives rebuild the old wall, but they must rebuild other walls they already tore down decades ago. Suddenly, it turns out, women can’t wear board shorts. Does that mean women can’t have close cropped hair or a deep voice or hair on their legs? I certainly feel that way, as a personal preference, but I thought feminists were fervently against any notion that women should be required to act, speak or look feminine? Have we changed our minds on that? Can someone write a memo or something just so I can understand where we are now?

Progressivism is so intent on destruction that it even destroys its own “progress.” Amazing.

Progressives Don’t Care if Women and Kids Are Raped, So Long as Their Agenda Wins

As I’ve said before, liberalism is an extremely hierarchical ideology, and homosexuals are at the very top. Their desires come first, and recently it seems the “transgender” subset of the homosexual community sits at the highest point of all. Of course, I’ve always known that children, devout Christians and white men are at the bottom, our rights and wishes always trumped by the demands of literally any other group. But it will continue to fascinate me that “transgenders” — a population that consists of about 18 people — apparently supersede the entire pyramid.

That’s why this bill in South Dakota is being met with such absurd levels of hysteria. The law would require that men and women in the state use the bathroom correlating with their biological sex. It defines biological sex as “the physical condition of being male or female as determined by a person’s chromosomes and anatomy as identified at birth.” I never thought we’d reach a point where states would have to pass laws clarifying the fact that men have penises, but here we are. Obviously, this bill is sensible and sadly necessary, but progressives are practically combusting over it.

One liberal blog says South Dakota is “blazing a trail of bigotry” by telling men to pee in the men’s bathroom. Another calls the law “terrifying.” Vox shrieked that the bill is “anti-trans” and based on a “myth.”

Image source: Orlando Sentinel

Meanwhile, this legislation that horrifies progressives would simply reaffirm what has always been the case virtually everywhere in America until three seconds ago. It would perhaps cause minor emotional discomfort to a handful of mentally ill people, but it would protect the privacy and safety and sanity of thousands more. But with “transgenders” now deemed the victimiest victim group of all, it’s simply not acceptable that any of them should experience even a moment’s inconvenience. The very thought of a gender-confused man having to go peepee and poopoo in the boy’s potty “terrifies” progressives. They are up at night panicked over the thought. The thought of women and children being made vulnerable and unsafe, however? Not nearly as troubling.

One liberal website, reporting on the Seattle incident, explained the hierarchy this way:

Cisgender women might just have to deal with cis men creeps attempting to invade spaces that have traditionally been designated as “safe” for women.

Incredible. Women and children “might have to deal” with potentially being raped or assaulted? Good God, these people are truly insane. And these are the very same whackos constantly screaming about the rape epidemic and the rape culture. But now, for the sake of the practically non-existent “transgender” demographic, women “have to deal” with being unsafe. They “have to deal” with “creeps” invading their space.

Yes, we are certainly in a situation where some group — either “transgenders” or women and children — will simply have to deal. Either gay men who want to be women will have to deal with using the men’s room, or all women and girls will have to deal with the potential of grown men walking into the room where they’re changing and using the toilet. Astonishingly, the gender-confused men win. Their very deranged desires beat the very reasonable desires of women and young girls. Their fantasies take precedence over the safety and security of women and children. Mothers and daughters will “have to deal” with being raped and assaulted so that gender-confused men don’t have to deal with biological realities.

A doctor could spend a lifetime evaluating the collective psychosis of progressivism that’s led to this point, but one thing we can now confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt — not that there was any doubt before — is that progressives simply don’t care about women and kids. Their agenda is all that matters. Everyone else will have to deal with the consequences.

God save us from these fanatics.


The Right Kind of Class Warfare: Workers vs. Looters

February 14, 2016 by Dan Mitchell

Over the years, I’ve latched on to several images that do a very good job of capturing the essence of an issue.

Here are some of my favorites.

Now I have a new addition to the list.

Here’s an image a reader shared with me and it’s the perfect way to explain why the Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the class warriors are wrong.

The problem isn’t rich people. It’s looters and moochers, regardless of their income.

What makes this image so helpful is that it’s true. If you look at the “right enemy” part of the image, the rich in the red zone are the cronyists who get Ex-Im subsidies, the Wall Street crowd that fed at the TARP trough, and other well-connected folks (like Warren Buffett) who use government coercion to line their pockets.

What we have is basically the visual that I would have liked to include in my 2011 column that discussed the “good rich” and the “bad rich.” When debating those who are motivated by class warfare, I’m defending the rich in the white zone, but it would be helpful to have a way of distinguishing between the worthy and unworthy people with money.

And the same is true for the non-rich. Most of them are good and decent folks earning an honest living and they belong in the white zone. But there are also some non-rich people who rely on government coercion. They could be overpaid government bureaucrats. They could be folks scamming the food stamp programor fraudsters bilking the EITC.

P.S. For what it’s worth, I suspect that more than 50 percent of the folks in Washington belong in the red zone.


Being a Leftist Means never having to Say You’re Sorry (3 of 5)

Story can be found on 

By Brother Bob

What may be the most appealing thing about being a leftist is that you can never be wrong – ever. As we learned from our last post, leftist ideas never fail because their only objective is to make leftists feel good about themselves.

If their ideas appear to fail, it is always someone else’s fault – greedy businesses, obstinate Republicans, racist Americans, etc. It never even enters the thought process that when a leftist idea fails it’s becasue their ideas might not have been good to begin with. As The Bookworm puts it,

“Conservatives deal with facts and reach conclusions; liberals have conclusions and sell them as facts.” Now that’s not to say every leftist is an idiot (although looking at who they vote for in presidential elections raises questions), and not every person on the right is a genius. On our side I’ve noticed it more in the Ronulan strains, many of whom I have a feeling have migrated into the Trump camp.

In a world where consequences are completely irrelevant it’s no surprise that the policies favored by the Radical Left produce the results that they do. National Review’s Mona Charen looks at a favorite jobs program for teachers’ unions expecting a return on their investment in radical politicians, that being the behemoth known asHead Start:

“The point of Head Start is the promise that it offers poor children a leg up and prepares them for school. It would be nice if it worked, but it doesn’t. It does provide jobs for teachers and federally subsidized day care. But taxpayers have spent $180 billion since 1965 for a program that fails to achieve its objectives.”

American Thinker’s Tom Trinko makes some great points about how the left’s love for drugs have consequences that they’d prefer to ignore:

Mexico is turning into a cesspool of violence and corruption because Americans want their drugs and they don’t care who suffers.

The river of drug money also leads to the corruption of the police that in turn causes the very sort of police misconduct that liberals excoriate.

However, liberals tend to be people who eschew personal responsibility so they fail to see the connection between their giving money to criminal organizations and the violent acts of those cartels.

If liberals were to admit to themselves that the average cop is a decent person who tries to treat people fairly, they’d have to confront the fact that it’s a liberal’s choice to break the law that makes liberals fear the police. Sadly, liberal DNA just doesn’t include accepting responsibility for one’s actions so they continue to blame others for the consequences of their drug use, including their fear of police.

Back to NRO, Kevin D. Williamson points out how lack of thinking through the details and demagoguing Obamacare as a completely emotional issue guaranteed its failure:

Obamacare’s partisans were confronted with the economic facts long before the law was even passed, and their answer was: “Never mind the economics, we’re the good guys, and you want poor people to die.” Democrats argued that Republicans literally wanted to kill poor people, that their plan was for the poor to “die quickly.” This is a habitual mode of discourse among progressives: Reality doesn’t matter; only the purity of Democrats’ motives matters. Obamacare is what it is: Another damned five-year plan based on wishful thinking and very little else. The fact is that Obamacare has fallen apart without Republicans’ dismantling it.

Of course, while the White House has no problem fear-mongering over the cost costs of repealing their toxic signature law, its not like they have any backup plan if Obamacare fails. Actual plans and real world solutions are for grown-ups, aka “somebody else”.

Another example of policies of the Radical Left having the exact opposite effect of what they supposedly stand for is the Black Lives matter movement. NRO’s David French provides the numbers that show how #BLM is wrong about police shooting stats, while City Journal’s Heather MacDonald breaks down how #BLM is in denial aboutinner city crime. But most disturbing part of the movement comes from the study by Accuracy in Media’s James Simpson, showing how the radicals who’ve seized control of the Democratic party are getting black lives ended to exploit a voting bloc that will help them advance their extremist agenda:

Many members of the black community would be shocked to learn that the intellectual godfathers of this movement are mostly white Communists, “queers” and leftist Democrats, intent on making blacks into cannon fodder for the revolution.

Two other examples come to mind, showing how history repeats itself. Forty years ago, in the aftermath of the Radical Left’s efforts to lose Vietnam, we saw the refugees, aka “The Boat People”. As much as I hate to broadly generalize an entire people as lefties like to do, the fact that the Vietnamese weathered armed troops coming through their villages, bombs, and napalm, but ran for their lives when faced with heavily armed socialists says a great deal about both their bravery and intelligence. Today we’ve watched Democrats Hell-bent on turning the victory in Iraq into chaos out of their spite against George W. Bush lead to the rise of ISIS. Of course, to a leftist when this could have been avoided by our president not screwing up a simple Status of Forces Agreement, naturally ISIS is the fault of… Bush.

Of course, since the virtue or malice of an action has nothing to do with the action itself but how well the person committing teh act is liked by the Radical Left, Jon Gabriel was kind enough to draw up this handy reference chart for members of the media when discussing gun violence:

Most useful! Even more useful, Victor Davis Hanson offers some commandments for the Radical left to follow were they to actually believe their horse hockey:

…each liberal should pledge, “I will put at least one of my children in an inner-city public school, or in a school where the white enrollment is in a minority.

The university is a bastion of liberalism and therefore must reflect such progressive values. “I pledge to support no university whose rate of increase in annual tuition exceeds the rate of inflation or that pays different wages to different categories of professor for the exact same class taught.” Why not boycott Harvard or Berkeley, given that their part-time policies make Wal-Mart’s look enlightened?

Read the whole thing. As this chapter draws to a close, check out the write-up at Townhall that John Hawkins did, The Unspoken Rules for being a Liberal. You’ll want to read the whole thing, and here’s a taste of two that are most relevant to this series:

1) You justify your beliefs about yourself by your status as a liberal, not your deeds. The most sexist liberal can think of himself as a feminist while the greediest liberal can think of himself as generous. This is because liberals define themselves as being compassionate, open minded, kind, pro-science and intelligent not based on their actions or achievements, but based on their ideology. This is one of the most psychologically appealing aspects of liberalism because it allows you to be an awful person while still thinking of yourself as better than everyone else.

12) Tribal affiliation is more important than individual action: There’s one set of rules for members of the tribe and one set of rules for everyone else. Lying, breaking the rules, or fomenting hatred against a liberal in good standing may be out of bounds, but there are no rules when dealing with outsiders, who are viewed either as potential recruits, dupes to be tricked, or foes to be defeated. This is the same backwards mentality you see in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, except it’s based on ideology, not religion.

This leads to my final story, courtesy of Nirak Chokshi of The Washington Post. I don’t even need to excerpt any of the story, as the headline alone gives a perfect summary: German sexual assaults lead to ‘I told you so’ claims on Muslim immigrants in U.S. The article reads exactly as you would expect. And the retort is easy:

“Maybe if you had the two brain cells to understand that bringing in large numbers of men from a culture that treats women like property you would have understood this would happen. As for the ‘I told you so’, if you had anything resembling a conscience and had the slightest capability of introspection you would acknowledge that you were horribly wrong and wouldn’t need the rest of us to beat you over the head with reality!”

Sorry for the heated response, but I get really annoyed at the pro-rape enablers from the Radical Left. And that story is a perfect bridge to our next installment:



Hillary Clinton: I don’t know if the US is ready for a female president

*This article was posted by a good friend of mine on the left- the kind of friend that is precious because they aren’t afraid to call you out when you screw up. Her comment on the posting is as follows.

Because the U.S. isn’t ready yet? Uh no, because you’re not the one. If Elizabeth Warren runs, then I’d vote for her, but not you Hillary. Because I vote as a responsible American citizen first and foremost and my being a woman and mother only influences my vote so much. It’s just not you Hillary.

And I’d like to quote a friend who shared this, with what he proceeded his post with.
“Right, because the entire reason the polls are turning against you is because you’re a woman, and not because you’re a pathological liar who has taken every opportunity to sell this country and it’s people to finance executives, private prison lobbyists, the pharmaceutical industry, and other private interest groups.

Wake up, Hillary.

The first woman president should make history not because she is the first woman, but because she fights the system rather than being a part of it and ushers in sweeping social progress, working tirelessly to destroy the current oligarchy and return it a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

She should be a woman who is trusted by the american people, because she has proven herself trustworthy,

She should be a champion of the poor, of equality, and justice for all americans and not just those who offer $250,000+ speaking fees. She should hold firm and steadfast in her resolve to improve the lives of all of the american people, and not break that resolve when pressured by corporations.

The first woman president should be someone who has always supported LGBT issues and gender equality, rather than just coming around once the wind started blowing an opposite direction. She should seek to guarantee that noone in this country is discriminated against in any way because of the color of their skin, the gods they do or don’t worship, their sexual preference, or their gender identity.

The first woman president should be someone who weighs both the life and quality of life of her soldiers, as well as the impact of action both home and abroad, before any military engagement, and never allows corporate profits to drive her to military action. She should stop at nothing to ensure that if action is required, when our soldiers return home they have a decent quality of life and that their mental and physical well being are paramount concerns.

Hillary, you don’t DESERVE to be the first woman president, because we cannot trust you to make the mark on history that gender equality (which is what feminism is really all about, anyway) demands.

Leave that job to someone who will rank among Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and the Roosevelts as the greatest presidents this country has ever or will ever see, and one who would create a legacy that will be an inspiration to women and men alike all over the world.” -Gabriel Drax


Democratic candidate says she is a better campaigner than when she lost to Barack Obama but that she still faces a struggle to persuade voters that a woman can do the top job

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes a photograph with Jordan Daniels, 11, of Denmark, S.C., during a town hall meeting at Denmark Olar Elementary School  Photo: AP/Jacquelyn Martin

By Rob Crilly, New York

2:37AM GMT 18 Feb 2016

Hillary Clinton believes she is a better candidate than her 2008 version but still wonders whether the US is ready for a female president.

In a lengthy interview with Vogue, accompanied by a glamorous Mario Testino photoshoot, she discusses her fears of getting sick on the campaign trail, life as a woman in the corridors of power and how she once wanted to be an astronaut.

Asked directly whether the recent failure of a woman to become the mayor of New York meant that the US was not ready for a female president, she sighed in answer.

“You know… I really don’t know. I think it’s gotten better,” she said. “But I think there still is a very deep set of concerns that people have, which very often they’re not even aware of or they couldn’t articulate.”

After winning the Iowa caucus only narrowly, falling a distant second to Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary, and watching her lead crumble in Nevada – which votes this weekend – her confident campaign looks vulnerable to an insurgent candidate just like it was in 2008, when she was overhauled by Barack Obama.

“People are very convinced they want to vote for the right person. And then … you know, you get little hints that maybe they’re not as comfortable with a woman being in an executive position,” she continued. “Especially in a big, rough-and-tumble setting like New York City or the United States of America.”

She was interviewed in January before the doubts about her campaign became obvious in the polls.

Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail

Her position among women voters has suffered in recent weeks as more millennials have moved to support her surging rival.

And her campaign was hit by controversy last month when Madeleine Albright was accused of patronising female voters by saying: “There is a special place reserved in hell for women who do not help other women.”

Bill Clinton’s former secretary of state went further in the Vogue profile, saying women could be more supportive of Mrs Clinton.

“People have asked me, ‘Why isn’t every woman in the United States for her?’” she said.

“Women are very judgemental about one another.”

For her part, Mrs Clinton said she was a better campaigner than when she was defeated in 2008.

“I do think I’m a better candidate,” she told Vogue. “Maybe that has to do with being very comfortable with what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.”

And she insisted her run was not the culmination of a decades long plot to put a second Clinton in the White House.

Instead she said he had always refused to entertain talk of running for office before she was persuaded to run for the Senate in 2000.

“I never did. Until, literally, I started getting calls from New Yorkers asking me to run,” she said.


Scalia’s death has landed Republicans in a nasty trap

By Greg Sargent February 18 at 9:28 AM
Now what? Anyone have any ideas? (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


new CBS News poll out this morning finds that Donald Trump continues to dominate among Republican voters nationally: He’s backed by 35 percent; Ted Cruz has 18 percent; and Marco-Mentum has 12 percent. There was a great deal of excitement about yesterday’s NBC poll finding Trump had slipped behind Cruz, but that now looks like it may have been an outlier.

But never mind that for now. Buried in the CBS poll is a nugget that is relevant to the escalating brawl over whether Republicans will consider and vote on President Obama’s forthcoming nominee to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court:

Republican primary voters are split between Donald Trump (25 percent) and Ted Cruz (25 percent) over who is most trusted to make appointments to the Supreme Court. Moderates strongly favor Trump (27 percent), while conservatives favor Cruz, and those who consider themselves very conservative chose Cruz (38 percent) over Trump (19 percent).

Half of GOP primary voters trust Trump or Cruz most to make Supreme Court appointments, which is to say, to pick Scalia’s replacement. Cruz would probably nominate someone very much in the Scalia mold, naturally, but there is simply no telling what kind of nominee Trump would pick, given the haphazard nature of his views.

And yet, a quarter of Republican voters trust Trump most anyway. That may reflect a belief among his supporters that he’ll shake up the system on every front, so why not the High Court, too? But regardless, it’s hard to see how all those Republican voters — not to say those who trust Cruz most on this — could ever abide the Republican establishment giving Obama’s nominee a real hearing.

Cruz: ‘We are one justice away from losing fundamental rights’

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz says the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is one reason why GOP voters need to vote him into the White House. (Reuters)

Indeed, CNN reports that senior Republicans are in the process of decidingthat their best political move is not to give Obama’s nomination any consideration at all:

In back-channel conversations with senators and among senior party officials, Republicans are arguing that denying a hearing to Obama’s choice would allow them to better make the case that voters should have a say in the next Supreme Court justice — not members of the Senate and a lame-duck president.

If Republicans held confirmation proceedings, several Republicans told CNN, that argument would be badly muddied. Moreover, they risk giving Obama’s choice an opportunity to detail his or her life story and legal qualifications, and they’d rather stop the nominee before giving the White House and Senate Democrats a chance to build momentum.

Perfect: If the American people get real exposure to Obama’s nominee, it might make it harder for us to vote No, so better not to allow any exposure at all! Now, as I noted yesterday, Republicans are under no obligation to consider and vote on Obama’s nominee. This is a political fight that will turn on perceived norms. The only way Democrats can force Republicans to cave here is by successfully portraying the GOP refusal to consider any nominee as so deeply unreasonable and dysfunctional that Republicans decide they’re sustaining too much damage among swing voters to continue holding out.

But both the new CBS poll and the new NBC poll show the American people are almost exactly split on this question right now. Both find that more than eighty percent of Republicans don’t think Obama should get to choose Scalia’s replacement. Meanwhile, conservative talk radio hosts are already defining any consideration of Obama’s nominee as surrender. So you’d think that if Republicans allow hearings, whether or not they actually intend to evaluate Obama’s pick on the substance, the spectacle itself would only help Trump and/or Cruz, which senior Republicans don’t want to do.

Additionally, per CNN’s reporting above, the problem for Republicans is also that, if they do go through the motions of giving Obama’s choice a hearing, it will allow the voters to learn more about that person, which could risk requiring them to oppose someone the public comes to support. (Backing Obama’s nominee is apparently a self-evident impossibility.) So the only way out might be to do nothing. The question will then be whether Democrats can extract serious, lasting political pain from it.

The campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released this video featuring Clinton embracing a tearful 10-year-old Nevada girl who said she was “scared” after her parents received “a letter of deportation.” (Hillary Clinton)

The outcome of the Nevada caucuses this Saturday will be heavily parsed for what it says about Sanders’s ability to make inroads among nonwhites, particularly (in this case) Latinos.

* BERNIE IS MORE ELECTABLE, POLLSTER SAYS: A new Quinnipiac poll finds that Bernie Sanders would beat all of the GOP candidates in November (he tops Trump by 48-42; Cruz by 49-39; and Rubio by 47-41) By contrast, Hillary ties Trump and loses to Rubio (41-48) and to Cruz 43-46).

This will stir a lot of chatter, but remember: general election polling this far out is largely meaningless, because voters nationally just aren’t paying attention yet. This is also true of any polling that shows Clinton performing better.

* POLL FINDING OF THE DAY, PRESIDENT TRUMP EDITION: A striking nugget from the new Quinnipiac poll: 55 percent of Americans, and 78 percent of Republicans, think Trump has a good chance of defeating the Dem nominee in the general election.

One supposes the American people aren’t paying very close attention to the debate in Washington right now! This is also another sign that general election polling this early tells us very little.

* LEFTY GROUPS GEAR UP FOR SCALIA COURT FIGHT:Tomorrow, six progressive groups — including the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Civic Action, and People for the American way — will hold an event in Senator Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky, to pressure him to consider Obama’s nominee to replace Antonin Scalia. Per a release: “Louisville area voters will deliver over half a million petition signatures to his office demanding he allow the process to move forward.”

The engagement of liberal groups is another sign that the battle over whether Republicans will consider a Scalia replacement is energizing the base and is seen as a way to unify the Democratic Party and focus it on a common target.

Senior GOP pollster Ed Goeas has released a new poll that finds that large majorities in a number of key battleground states favor criminal justice reform. Goeas says:

We looked at attitudes in Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wisconsin–key battleground or bellwether states. In each one, likely voters overwhelmingly agreed that our criminal justice system imprisons too many people for too long, that mandatory minimum sentences should be replaced, and that judges should have greater discretion in determining sentences….Americans across the political spectrum support these reforms.

This really holds the promise of uniting the libertarian right and the civil liberties left. It’s a big issue in the Dem primary right now, and a number of Congressional Republicans would support it. But will GOP leaders in Congress allow it to move forward?

* AND HERE COMES THE BENGHAZI REPORT!!! OR MAYBE NOT: Rep. Trey Gowdy, the ringleader of the House GOP Benghazi probe,released a statement this morning boasting that the committee has gained access to new national security information and has interviewed dozens of witnesses never before interviewed in all the previous Benghazi investigations. Gowdy promised that the results would be released “as soon as possible.”

Hmmm. Something tells us that “as soon as possible” may somehow stretch into eight months…meaning the probe’s findings will be released in October, just before the election.

The life of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia, the influential and most provocative member of the Supreme Court, has died. He was 79.


If Donald Trump wins U.S. presidency, Cape Breton pitched as refuge for Americans

Sydney man started website for fun, but says he has been getting serious inquiries

CBC News Posted: Feb 16, 2016 1:09 PM AT Last Updated: Feb 16, 2016 1:09 PM AT

A website set up by Rob Calabrese pitches Cape Breton as a refuge for Americans fleeing a Donald Trump presidency. (

For Americans contemplating fleeing to Canada if Donald Trump wins the presidency, Rob Calabrese has a message for you.

The Sydney, N.S., radio host launched a website on Monday — Presidents Day in the U.S., fittingly — called Cape Breton if Donald Trump wins.

“Every American election, you have a group of people — usually Democrats — who say, ‘That’s it, I’m moving to Canada’ if a Republican wins.

“Hey, if you’re going to move to Canada, why not move to Cape Breton?”

On the tongue-in-cheek website, Calabrese urges Americans: “Don’t wait until Donald Trump is elected president to find somewhere else to live!”

He takes aim at Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border, joking that in Cape Breton “the only ‘walls’ are holding up the roofs of our extremely affordable houses.”


Calabrese said he’s no fan of Trump, calling him “a scary possibility.”

“How he is able to inflame people and move people … I definitely wouldn’t want him as the leader of my country.”

Calabrese put the website together in just a few hours, and has been pleasantly surprised by the reaction.

“Since we launched yesterday at noon, it’s really taken off. I’ve been contacted a lot by people who appear to be earnestly asking about moving here.”

He said he’s heard from a professor at Cornell University, among others.

“They’re asking genuine questions about things like the immigration process, the economics. It’s been taken seriously by some people, which is great and not intended, but I’m going to help them out as best I can.”

Calabrese, a DJ at Cape Breton radio station The Giant 101.9, spelled out a few of the selling points of Canada and Cape Breton on his website. He wants Americans to know the weather in Nova Scotia isn’t that different from much of the northeast U.S. — no igloos here, folks.

“If you have a baby, you get paid leave for almost a year,” he adds. “If you cut your hand, you can go to the doctor and get stitched up for free.”


Calabrese is a proud Cape Bretoner, and said he would be happy if his homegrown campaign brought even one person to the island. The population of Cape Breton, like much of rural Nova Scotia, has shrunk as traditional industries like mining and fishing have declined.

“I’m hoping to get Cape Breton out in front of as many people as possible,” Calabrese said. “It is a good place to live, a beautiful place. The people are great — we just need more people.”



Side Note: Trump says about Ivanka “I would date her if she wasn’t my daughter”

Clip 003:


Russian TV Trashed Michelle Obama Last Night

New documentary series seeks to expose ‘American corruption’ and targets Obamas

By Mikhail Klikushin • 02/18/16 9:45am

First Lady Michelle Obama leaves the beach club Villa Padierna in Estepona, on August 6, 2010 during her vacation in southern Spain.(Photo: Jorge Guerrero)

On Sunday, Russian TV host Dmitry Kiselyov, who enjoys the largest audience among news programs in Russia, announced in his prime-time program News of the Week the launch of a new documentary, whose goal would be to expose corruption in the U.S.—as opposed to the familiar story in Russian he’s sick and tired of talking about.

“This is not fair—to forget about American corruption,” he declared, “about howthey get fat on the money of American taxpayers there.”

The title of the film—Emperor Obama—says it all, but the trailer, lasting more than 10 minutes, was shown anyway.

The first victim of attack was the American first lady.

“The information on our clients is strictly confidential,” says the Villa Padierna hotel manager to a young and beautiful female reporter. “But I can confirm that Michelle Obama really stayed in our hotel. She was our most famous guest. Since then, we named one of our villas after her. Villa Obama has three floors, two bedrooms, one swimming pool and a big living room—here is Villa Obama.”

“On the fourth of August 2010,” the manager continues, as the beautiful young reporter walks around the luxurious and spacious rooms, “the U.S. president celebrated his 49th birthday, and the very same day his spouse, Michelle Obama, arrived for her vacation in Spain. Here is her room.” Not ceremoniously, the reporter touches the silk sheets and very rare travertine marble. “Here are the official numbers: for the week starting August 4, 131,000 Americans were fired, losing their incomes and jobs. At that moment, Michelle Obama was on vacation, and the taxpayers were paying $6,000 a night for this hotel suit.”

Then, the first lady is shown walking outside out in the Spanish heat. “Michelle! Michelle!” thunders the crowd.

Villa Obama in Spain, named after the American First Lady.(Photo: Tumblr)

The reporter continues:

“Michelle Obama and her 9-year-old daughter Sasha were accompanied by their personnel and secret agents, by 250 specially hired Spanish bodyguards and 68 bodyguards brought from the U.S. As the American first lady eats ice cream, the street in Spanish Granada is totally blocked. Ms. Obama flew in on her husband’s airplane—plane No. 2, a Bowing-747—according to protocol, which transports the American president while plane number one goes through technical maintenance. At $11,000 per hour, Michelle’s flight from Washington, D.C., to the Spanish Malaga cost the US $150,000. The U.S. Air Force was sued for Michelle’s unlawful vacation—and for the fifth year, the lawsuit drags on without any resolution.”

Facing the sunset and obviously having had a good time in Spain herself, the reporter doesn’t want to let the topic of Ms. Obama’s vacations finish too quickly:

“The 44th American president goes on vacation twice a year—in the summer and during Christmas. Over the seven years of his presidency, American taxpayers spent between $10 million and $74 million a year on vacations for the first American family. To understand how such unbelievable expenses accumulate, the cost for only the plane and the bodyguards when Mr. Obama flew his family to Hawaii, in 2014, was $5,316,000.”

“Did you hear what happened in Flint, Mich.?” An American analyst steps into the video, “where the whole town was poisoned? Kids, pregnant women…How much money did he spend on his vacations, you say? $74 million? But he gave Flint only $5 million— $5 million to the poisoned people…as much as the launch of two military drones!”

At this point, the cover of the book by Michelle Malkin, Culture of Corruption, is shown to viewers—providing an idea as to the development of the story awaiting Russian TV viewers on Wednesday night.

Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin.(Photo: Wikimedia)

Every word on the cover is in English, of course. “This book, with a cracked portrait of Obama on its cover, didn’t become a bestseller in the U.S.,” lamented the reporter—ignoring the word “BESTSELLER” written twice across the top.


Regular News Items

Pope Francis Rips Capitalism, American Immigration Policy at Mexican Border

I have yet to hear him report on all of the refugee’s that they Vatican has taken behind its own walls… Also- this will only HELP Trump (could that have been the motivation?) It gives the Trump extremists something more to rally around and decry the ‘vilification’ of their hero.

Getty ImagesMARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

by BEN SHAPIRO18 Feb 20163,323

Pope Francis, apparently desperate to reach out to the Catholic Church’s growing base in Latin America, spent the day slapping Americans in the face from across the US-Mexico border.

In Ciudad Juarez, one of the most violent cities in the Western Hemisphere thanks to the drug cartels, the pope walked up a ramp covered in flowers toward a cross “erected… in memory of migrants who have perished trying to reach the United States just a stone’s throw away,” according to Reuters.


Funny, he never did that while visiting Cuba to pay tribute to those who died attempting to escape that Communist hellhole. He reserved his spite for a nation with one of the most generous immigration policies on the planet.

The pope then blessed three more small crosses, at which “shoes of migrants who died” were laid. “We cannot deny the humanitarian crisis,” Pope Francis intoned. “Each step, a journey laden with grave injustices: the enslaved, the imprisoned and extorted; so many of these brothers and sisters of ours are the consequence of trafficking in human beings…Injustice is radicalized in the young; they are ‘cannon fodder,’ persecuted and threatened when they try to flee the spiral of violence and the hell of drugs. Then there are the many women unjustly robbed of their lives.”

He concluded, “Let us together ask our God for the gift of conversion, the gift of tears, let us ask him to give us open hearts like the Ninevites, open to his call heard in the suffering faces of countless men and women. No more death! No more exploitation!”


This came shortly after the pope said that capitalism cut against God, and that God would punish “slave drivers of our days” supposedly exploiting workers, adding, “The flow of capital cannot decide the flow of people.”

This is, simply put, asinine.

The reason for the humanitarian crisis driving people north is the corrupt anti-capitalist governance so common to Latin America – the same sort of governance the pope believes is apparently more godly than the capitalism drawing people like a magnet to the United States. So the same system the pope decries is the system the pope wants inundated with victims of those who oppose that system. How ironic. Even more ironic: the Vatican remains one of the most immigration-restrictive states on earth.

This is nothing new from Pope Francis, who has spent much of his tenure bashing capitalism and American border policy. Back in September, Pope Francis spoke on the National Mall, where he explained, “Thousands of persons are led to travel north in search of a better life for themselves and their loved ones, in search of greater opportunities. Is this not what we want for our own children? We need to avoid a common temptation nowadays: to discard whatever proves troublesome. Let us remember the Golden Rule: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’”

Next, Pope Francis infamously lectured members of Congress about immigration policy that same month, bashed capitalism, and then completely ignored the issue of abortion while speaking before Democrats who see partial-birth abortion as a sacrament.


All of this represents an extension of Pope Francis’ slightly-concealed liberation theology. Liberation theology is essentially a mashup of Christianity and Marxist redistributionism – a theology in which capitalists must be blamed for the world’s ills and then forced to absorb all of its problems. As The New York Times reported last May, Pope Francis now regularly hosts Father Guitterez, a founder of liberation theology; they state, “Francis has brought other Latin American priests into favor and often uses language about the poor that has echoes of liberation theology.”

All of this would appall Pope John Paul II, who said, “This conception of Christ as a political figure, a revolutionary, as the subversive of Nazareth does not tally with the church’s catechism.” Pope Benedict XVI said liberation theology was a “singular heresy” and “fundamental threat” to the Catholic Church.

But in the Catholic Church’s effort to reach out to residents of anti-capitalist regimes, Pope Francis now pushes liberation theology under the guise of doing Biblical good. It turns out, however, that tearing down nations that work while encouraging immigrants with different values to swamp them does nobody any real good in the long run.



Entertainment/Sports NEWS


News of the Stupid


February 12th, 2016 | by Barbara Johnson

Springfield| A man from Massachusetts is suing Golden Corral Corporation for 2 million dollars, for false advertising, after being literally thrown out of one of the chain’s restaurants by the employees, last Thursday.

According to witnesses, the 51 year old man who lives on welfare, was expelled from the restaurant after he then spent more than 7 hours on-site, ingesting a quantity of food which has been estimated between 50 and 70 pounds.

Despite the fact that the restaurant advertised the buffet as “all-you-can-eat”, the manager of the establishment seems to have  lost patience at some point, telling him that his meal would be free but asking him to leave. The manager’s intervention angered Mr Fleming, and  a brief altercation took place before he was finally pushed out of the restaurant.

He immediately called the police and filed a complaint against the restaurant, and he intends to make the people responsible for his mistreatment, pay for their actions.

“It’s a serious injustice, and I am deeply insulted!” Mr. Flemmings told reporters.“With my income, I rarely go to the restaurant, so I try to get as much as I can for my money when I do. This was the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant. Not only did they kick me out while I was still hungry, but they looked at me like I was disgusting, like I was not worthy of eating there! It’s unacceptable, and I demand a compensation!”

Mr Flemming says the employee of the Golden Corral did not use any insulting language, but he claims that the disgust that was visible on their faces has left him with some deep emotional wounds.

The direction of the restaurant chain quickly issued a press release announcing that the decision to expel Mr. Flemmings was a regrettable personal initiative from an overzealous franchise manager. They also said that some financial indemnities had been offered to compensate the damage suffered by the victim, but had been refused.

Mr Flemmings confirmed that he had been offered a significant amount of money by the company, but he is convinced that he can get more if he goes to court.

The primary hearing in this case should take place on March 7, at the Springfield District Court.


Lost Key To Kinky Cuffs Leads To Real Arrest


FORT SMITH (KFSM) — An intimate night with his wife ended in an arrest for a Fort Smith man Tuesday (Feb. 9).

Dustin Taylor, 21, handcuffed himself and lost the key, so he needed assistance to get them off, according to his arrest report.

When police arrived they found Taylor was wanted on an outstanding first-degree criminal mischief warrant out of Sebastian County, the report states.

Police got Taylor out of his personal handcuffs and then took him into custody in theirs, according to the report.


Driver Admits To Possessing Drugs, ‘Snapchatting And Instagramming’ During Police Chase


Following over an hour of pursuit, a Texas police chase ended in both gunshots to the tire and spike strips on Thursday night. Once the whole ordeal concluded, the man being chased admitted to a few illegal actions on camera before telling the media that he is “done with people trying to take [his] freedom.”

The chase began as an attempted traffic stop and went through five state counties, according to WFAA-TV. Reportedly reaching speeds of 100 mph, the driver, identified as Jonathan Davis, kept on trucking at 50 mph after popping two of his tires on spike strips. When police shot out at least one other and Davis crashed his car into a median, KCEN TV reports that he finally stopped.

Reporters caught up to him afterward, and below is his description of what went down—marijuana, Snapchat, Instagram, police hatred, freedom pleas and all:

Davis said he doesn’t know why cops pulled him over, but believes it was due to him being “on [his] iPhone, [his] little iPad, changing music.” No reports on which device he actually used. In response to the gunshots, Davis told reporters:

Dude, I was trying to get to San Antonio. I don’t know what the [bleeped out] roads I was on until they shot my car. I didn’t know they was going to shoot at me. I was like, “Damn, they shooting at me—I ain’t even got no gun.”

As for why he fled from the cops, Davis said that he’s tired of getting arrested for marijuana—something he “always” has on him. Davis said the drug charges on his record prevent him from being able to get a job, but did admit that this recent police chase was a thrill. All 90 minutes of it.

But the chase wasn’t all about high-speed thrills, as Davis said he posted to both his Snapchat and Instagram accounts while driving. Following a check of his account, Fox 4 did not find any Instagram posts related to the chase.

According to Fox 4, Davis now faces charges for evading arrest, possession of a controlled substance, marijuana possession and driving while intoxicated. Since Davis told us all the extent of his police hatred in his minute of media fame, we can make an educated guess on how he feels about that


Christian woman arrested, violently attacks Jewish woman she couldn’t convert

Margurite Haragan mugshot.

Fair Use, mugshot via Ada County Jail

Religious extremism can be found across all belief systems. In what could only be described as bizarre, an Idaho Christian woman has been arrested and is facing multiple felony charges for beating a Jewish woman in Boise.

Margurite Dawn Haragan, a 58-year old from Boise, began pounding on the door of the victim, a Jewish woman known only as “A.G.,” on Feb. 5. Haragan shouted that she wouldn’t leave until A.G. accepted Jesus. Once A.G. opened the door to get Haragan to leave, she was slapped in the face and thrown to the ground, according to KTVB Local 7 in Boise on Feb. 16.

“The defendant began kicking the victim in the stomach and thigh area,” said Ada County Prosecutor Dave Roscheck. “During this time the defendant was screaming at the victim that she better accept Jesus or she would not let up.”

According to Roscheck, Haragan placed her foot over A.G.’s throat, pulling her hair in the process, while claiming the woman would become a Christian for taking the punishment. Haragan was able to leave the scene, but returned two days later, carving “death bin bond” on the victim’s mailbox, and shredding her mail.

After Haragan was arrested last Wednesday on a felony warrant, she appeared in court, but refused to hire a lawyer. Claiming to be a deputy of Ada County,” Haragan opted to represent herself. After checking back files, KTVB notes that there was “no record of Haragan working as a deputy in Ada County or any of the surrounding counties.” Due to this, Judge John Hawley assigned a public defender to the case. A guilty verdict could result in five years in prison, for each count.

Whether it’s Muslims, Christians or any other religious group, there will always be those who lack a complete moral compass to filter the hatred and violence in all religious holy books. There will be those who write off Haragan’s actions as simple “mental illness,” and they may be right, but it’s a clear example of religiontaken to an unhealthy level of extremism.


Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after lighting farts on fire


GAINESVILLE, FL – A 37-year-old man is dead after his trailer home was destroyed in a meth-lab explosion, caused by him lighting up ‘blue angels’ to amuse his wife.

The man’s wife was found lying naked on the couple’s front yard, reportedly still laughing. “A Blue Angel is when you put a lighter up to your butt and fart on it, making it catch on fire. It’s funny as s—,” explains the man’s wife, who claims to be an expert on the subject. “Normally we go to Del Taco because of their $0.59 tacos, but we made some extra cash this week so we went to Chipotle. The farts you get from there could fill a gas chamber. I know he’s looking up from hell laughing his ass off saying it was worth it,” she says smiling through blackened teeth, apparently not caused by the fire.

The woman plans on suing Chipotle, which failed to address their peppers causing a higher rate of methane in human farts. She offered a statement, “I’m not mad about my husband dying, I just got my eyebrows did and now they’re gone.” Chipotle Mexican Grill has yet to respond.


Texas woman arrested for waterboarding disabled son and tying rope around his genitals

17 FEB 2016 AT 18:03 ET                   


Christi Howell (Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office)

A 40-year-old Texas woman was arrested after her son told investigators that she and her boyfriend waterboarded him and tied a rope around his genitals to punish him, KTVT-TV reported.

Christi Howell is also accused of beating the boy with a stick to punish him for not having “good form” doing push-ups. A separate arrest warrant was issued for the suspect’s 45-year-old boyfriend, Casey Shackleford, who allegedly took part in the abuse.

The victim was described as being under 14 years old and living with an unspecified mental disability. WFAA-TV reported that the incident allegedly began when the boy told Shackleford that he had “put his finger inside the family dog’s butt.”

Shackleford then allegedly grabbed the boy by the hair and pinned him against a couch with a towel over his face before telling Howell to pour cold water on his face. He also told Howell to tie a “pig rope” around the boy’s “private parts.”

According to an arrest warrant, Howell complied and “pulled on the rope as if she was trying to pull him around and off the couch,” before further tying the rope around the victim’s neck. After she did so, Shackleford pushed him back onto the couch, causing the rope to tighten.

The alleged attack came to light after Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jimmy Weisbruch witnessed an interview between the boy and the county Children’s Advocacy Center on Feb. 8. An affadavit stated that the boy told Shackleford about his actions toward the dog because “he wanted to be honest and admit what he had done.”

The boy also said that Howell would also punish him on other occasions for not having “good form” while doing pushups by hitting him in the back and elbows with a stick. She was charged with causing injury to a child, and her bond was set at $250,000.


The next story is another example of why a Planet killing asteroid needs to hit the earth before humans get off of it.

Dolphin Dies Being Passed Around For Selfies

Beachgoers gather around a small dolphin after it is scooped out of the sea off the coast of Argentina.

12:46, UK,Thursday 18 February 2016

A young dolphin has died after beachgoers took it from the sea to pose for photographs with it.

Huge crowds gathered around the small animal on the beach resort at Santa Teresita in Argentina after one man picked it up.

But it appears it quickly overheated and died while out of the water.

It was still being passed around by the beachgoers after its death and was later left discarded in the sand.

The dolphin was left on the sand after it died

The dolphin was from the La Plata – also known as the Franciscana – variety, found off the coasts of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

It is considered a “vulnerable” species because there are only about 30,000 left in the world.

The Argentine Wildlife Foundation later issued a reminder to the public of the mammal’s extreme vulnerability, hoping it will prevent such a sad event again.

A large crowd gathered around the dolphin

“The Franciscana, like other species, cannot remain for much time outside of the water, it has thick fatty skin which gives it heat and means that taking it out of the water rapidly causes it to dehydrate and die,” it said in a statement.

“This occasion serves to inform the public about the urgent necessity to return these dolphins to the sea as soon as possible if they find them on the shore.

“It is fundamental that people help to rescue these animals, because every Franciscana counts now.”




Because what else would you do in that situation?

The victim of the great Wendy’s bite may have invented the most suitable fictional word in history, “hangry”.  She described her attacker as the combination of both hungry and angry.

And oh boy have we all been there.  If you don’t get papa bear to his food,  you are not going to like his roar.

Monday night in Richmond, Virginia, Wendy’s manager Latanya Nelson fell victim to an awful attack.

After accidentally changing customer Lovely Robinson’s (ironic name right?) order from two spicy chicken sandwiches to four, 99-cent chicken sandwiches, Ms. Robinson was not so lovely anymore.

Nelson reported that Robinson was the angriest customer she had ever served.  Upon realizing the horrendous error that had occurred, she stormed back in and placed her threats out on the table.

“She came in cursing and said I’ll come across the counter,” Nelson explained. “So I said, ‘OK.’  She jumped over, so I defended myself.”

According to Nelson’s report, the two of them threw punches near the hot fry machine until….”She clamped down right above my knee, so I continued to punch her as she was biting me.”


Who could have ever seen it coming? Strategic brilliance!

Like any honest fighter would, she respected her opponents attack, “She didn’t have me in size, but she had heart I’ll give her that.”

If only we had the brawl on video… #TheDerpiest

In a case from the U.K. Mirror, the headline tells most of the story, and there is actually very little more to it…

Paraplegic crack addict caught driving car without licence using litter picker and metal pole

  • 13:36, 18 FEB 2016
  • UPDATED 13:36, 18 FEB 2016

Roy Story, 50, who has never passed a driving test, used a litter picker to operate the accelerator and a metal pole wired to the foot brake

Woman charged for Oregon building occupation sues federal employees for ‘works of the devil,’ wants $666 billion 



Thursday, February 18, 2016, 11:59 AM


Shawna Cox, the only woman charged for the armed occupation in Oregon, wants $666 billion from the federal government.

Sounds like there’ll be hell to pay!

A woman charged with conspiracy for the prolonged takeover of a federal building in Oregon is suing federal employees for committing “the works of the devil” on her, and she wants billions of dollars for it — specifically, $666,666,666,666.66.

Shawna Cox, a Utah resident, accuses the government of trying to kill her, and of murdering Robert (LaVoy) Finicum, the only occupier killed by police during the weeks-long siege.

In her so-called “counter criminal complaint,” which Cox filed Wednesday independently of legal counsel, she says “arrogant, narcissi Federal Government officials” (sic) tried to “hijack” the Constitutional rights of her and her fellow armed occupiers.

But the gun-loving group never meant any harm, the complaint says. The occupiers just wanted to talk to government workers about land ownership issues.

“At no time did I or anyone else interfere with any public employees working on the Malheur in fact we encouraged them to come to work as we want to discuss the ownership problem with them,” the complaint says.


The complaint says the government committed “the works of the devil” on Shawna Cox for her role in the weeks-long occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns.

“If anything, it was their choice to not come to work, out of guilt.”

She says maintenance workers still showed up at the building to keep it clean.

During her weeks in the center, Cox helped coordinate supplies deliveries to the raving ranchers, who apparently came unprepared to stay as long as they did.

She insists that government workers are the only real criminals in this case.

“I am being maliciously prosecuted by State and Federal Bar Association members because they do not want to be held accountable for their subversive activities against the people of the United States,” Cox writes in a bolded passage of the complaint.


Shawna Cox fled the refuge center with Robert (LaVoy) Finicum, the only occupier killed by police.

The U.S. District Court said Cox’s complaint is a civil matter, and won’t be addressed in any criminal case connected to the occupation. The court urged Cox to consult with her attorney.

Cox was riding in Finicium’s truck when police pursued and fatally shot him Jan. 26. Authorities said Finicum was carrying a loaded pistol, and reached inside his jacket twice before officers fired at him.

The occupation’s de facto leaders, brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, were arrested along with several other militants that same day. The last of the occupiers finally left the building Feb. 11.

Twenty-five people from at least six states have been charged for the occupation.

Cox is the only woman facing charges. She was released days after her arrest and is now under home detention in Kanab, Utah.

Cox and her court-appointed attorney did not return requests for comment.

Periscope User Whitney Beall Sentenced for ‘Driving Home Drunk’

Prosecutors made sure the punishment was harsher than usual for a Florida woman who streamed live video of herself driving drunk last fall.

Assistant State Attorney Lori Winstead says 24-year-old Whitney Beall pleaded no contest last week to driving under the influence.

Florida Woman Streamed Live Video of Drunk Driving 1:42

Beall used the Periscope mobile app to live-stream her drunken drive after a night of partying in October.

“I’m driving home drunk — let’s see if I get a DUI,” she said into her phone’s camera while behind the wheel. “Driving drunk is not cool.”

Other drivers could be heard honking their horns, and at one point Beall expressed her surprise at how many viewers were watching her video. “Oh my God, I didn’t realize I’d get this many people,” she said. “I am super drunk in the USA and the light is red.”

Lakeland police pulled her over after concerned users on Periscope called 911. An officer logged onto Periscope and located Beall’s car. Officers say Beall failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breath test.

Beall received a six-month license suspension, 10 days of vehicle impoundment and 12 months’ probation — all common for a first-time DUI.

Winstead said Beall also received 150 hours of community service and 10 days of weekend work release because she flaunted her endangering the community.

More from the U.K. Mirror…

Boy with no arms and legs told he must prove he is disabled or his benefits will be stopped

16-year-old Edward Bright, of Ripley, Derbys,, lost all four limbs to meningitis is threatened with having his Personal Independence Payment stopped

The parents of a teenage ­quadruple amputee have accused benefits bosses of being “heartless” for threatening to stop his money.

Edward Bright lost his arms and legs to meningitis, aged seven, and his family have since claimed £388-a-month Disability Living Allowance on his behalf.

After he turned 16 last month, the wheelchair-bound youngster had to claim again for the Personal Independence Payment, which has replaced DLA.

The family filled in a form saying he needed help with almost all aspects of his daily life, but were shocked to get a letter ordering him to attend a face-to-face meeting or risk losing his benefits.

Ordeal: Edward

Furious dad Steve, 47, said: “It’s­ absolutely disgusting. He’s a quad amputee for God’s sake.

“It isn’t like he’s going to get better. He isn’t going to suddenly grow new arms and legs. We were shocked to be asked to attend the meeting.

“They know full well the extent of his disabilities. They have no hearts.”

Mum Clare, of Ripley, Derbys, added: “We assumed his case would be treated as exceptional given the fact he has had his legs and arms amputated.

“So we were horrified and disgusted to get the letter saying he needed to do the assessment.

The letter sent to Edward Bright from DWP which asks him to attend a meeting to assess his Independent Living Fund

“They wanted him to go to Derby and even gave instructions on how to walk to the office from the station. He’s in a wheelchair waiting for an operation in April. He can’t walk. It’s a shambles.”

Clare, 46, who is separated from Steve, rang and complained to Capita – the firm that assesses ­claimants for the Government.

Bosses then backtracked and arranged for staff to visit Edward’s home to carry out the assessment.

Edward Bright from Ripley, Derbyshire who lost both his arms and legs to meningitis when he was younger

Clare, a medical secretary, said she was told Edward would get interim payments while being assessed.

But she claims no money has gone into her son’s account since January.

She said: “I rang them and they said they needed proof it hadn’t gone in.

“So I have literally had to take Edward to the bank to get statements, which they’re now looking at.”

Edward Bright as a tot

Last night the Department for Work and Pensions insisted the interim payments had been paid.

It admitted it made a “mistake” on the assessment and he would no longer need an ­interview.

A statement said: “In this instance a paper-based assessment has been completed and there is no need for a face-to-face assessment.”

Dad Steve, who works in retail, said: “If they made a mistake with my son’s case, how many other mistakes are they making?”

Edward with twin Brother William, mum Clare and dad Steve

Edward, who is studying for GCSEs, is due to hear the result of his claim in the next few days.

He fell ill in February 2007, initially with a sore throat. He was admitted to hospital when purple blotches appeared on his skin.

Doctors ­diagnosed meningococcal meningitis with ­septicaemia and it was thought he would ­not survive.

Edward’s legs were destroyed by blood poisoning, and amputated while he was in a coma.

Both arms were later removed below the ­elbow and large amounts of skin were ­also damaged.

Edward has now received a letter from Department of Work and Pensions to discuss his work prospects despite his obvious disability

His twin brother William survived the same disease as a baby. Clare said she had previously had a positive ­experience with benefits staff.

She added: “That’s what has upset us so much about this PIP assessment request. There’s been no compassion.”

Last year the High Court ruled Iain Duncan Smith unlawfully left disabled people waiting months for benefits.

Mrs Justice Patterson found his Department for Work and Pensions took an “unlawful and unacceptably long time” to support claimants.




Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel…

Super models around the world are more than used to dealing with hyper-sexual males…just usually not of this breed!

International model and singer, Cecilia Kallin, was in the middle of a photo shoot in India when a couple of intruders took over the scene.

It began when a single Grey Langur Monkey who had some trouble keeping it in his pants, jumped right up to Cecilia and tried taking her shirt off, making her victim to awful sexual monkey assault.

Then clearly it’s partner got jealous because it jumped up next to the other and as Cecilia put it, well…had, “no shame”.

Photographer Jesper Anhede was loving every bit of it.  Especially after he saw the female lean up against Kallin for support.  So in a way, Cecilia Kallin was made victim to an attempted three-way.

“I was, of course, using the moment to take as many photos as I could. These moments are usually priceless.”

“Monkeys are extremely quick lovers so I am glad I had my camera ready and managed to catch the moment because I knew this was going to be a great capture.  The monkeys were not aggressive but very intense in what they were doing.”

Kallin laughed and immediately declared that her next Instagram with the caption “no shame”.



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